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At Zao, we work with world-class companies and innovative brands to solve complex technical challenges every day using WordPress & WooCommerce.

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We eat complex WooCommerce challenges for breakfast. Zao partners with eCommerce startups, established Fortune 500 enterprises, boutique online retailers, and content publishers to solve head-scratching technical problems. We build delightful digital experiences for boundary-pushers like you who refuse to tone down their aspirations — and need a development team that’s just as ambitious as they are.

We're the kind of team that really “gets” your vision and is fun to work with, too. Whatever your custom WooCommerce development needs are, we’re here to rise to the challenge and put scalability, accessibility, and reliability first.

Our Customers

Our Customers

Your trusted technical partner.

Take your store to the next level of excellence with Zao, your trusted partner in eCommerce success! We’ve been working with open-source eCommerce platforms since 2005. As a WooCommerce certified Silver WooExpert, Zao brings a wealth of expertise and a friendly touch to ensure your business shines brighter than the rest.

With Zao by your side, your store will be a true standout. Say goodbye to sluggish loading times and hello to super-fast performance that guarantees your customers a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. We know the ins and outs of WooCommerce like the back of our hand, implementing cutting-edge techniques and optimizing every aspect to maximize efficiency.

Why settle for ordinary when Zao can elevate your business? With their expertise and friendly approach, your store will stand out, leaving a lasting impression on customers and fostering unmatched loyalty. Get ready for an exceptional e-commerce experience that will make your business thrive like never before!

Our areas of expertise include:

✔️ WooCommerce Migrations

✔️ Crafting Online Stores From The Ground Up

✔️ Web Development & Design

✔️ IT Solutions & Groundwork

✔️ Site Maintenance & Support

✔️ Strategic ECommerce Consulting & Project Management

✔️ Performance Optimization

✔️ Revamping And Expanding Existing Stores

✔️ Detecting Issues & Problem Solving

✔️ Tackling Site Intrusions

There are a few ways we can work together.

1️⃣ Retainer Partnerships

As our preferred method of engagement, we partner together with our clients as their technical eCommerce strategists and work in close partnership with their entire team to bring their technical goals and aspirations for their organization to life.

2️⃣ Project Engagement

You need a development team with elite expertise in solving challenging eCommerce problems, but you don’t need long-term support. We understand – we’re happy to work on your project, execute your vision with excellence and then, we’re done!

3️⃣ Audit & Review

We frequently work with clients to audit your eCommerce needs, make assessments and consult on solutions. Or perhaps you’ve already received an audit and you need a reliable development team to implement the changes? We got you!

Services Offered

WooCommerce Migrations

Bid farewell to your previous eCommerce platform and extend a warm welcome to WooCommerce, the swift force of online shopping! We understand that the process of migrating can be cumbersome. Fortunately, we possess exceptional expertise in migrations. We'll meticulously handle all the intricate details and ensure a seamless transition.

Crafting Online Stores From The Ground Up

We possess a wealth of experience in the ever-evolving field of eCommerce. With nearly two decades of open-source eCommerce experience our expertise extends to every aspect of eCommerce, including: memberships, bookings, and subscriptions, among others. We demonstrate exceptional proficiency in developing sophisticated checkouts and implementing robust and secure payment gateways. Let us help you create a store from the ground up!

Web Development & Design

Whether it be a sophisticated corporate website or an exceptionally trendy online shop, we'll help you accomplish it. Our solutions are scalable, user-friendly, and infused with brilliance. We guarantee robust code that ensures utmost security, top-notch performance, and readiness to conquer the digital domain.

IT Solutions & Groundwork

From seamless data migration to comprehensive security audits, thorough code reviews to efficient API management, we've got you covered! We are committed to ensuring seamless and stress-free communication throughout your technological journey. Whether you prefer video calls, phone chats, emails, or any other preferred method of communication, we will adapt to your needs and ensure efficient and effective communication. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free experience for you as we navigate the intricacies of your tech-related endeavors.

Site Maintenance & Support

Running a WooCommerce site while managing your business can be challenging, but we are here to provide unwavering support! We offer an array of maintenance and support options to ensure that your site remains fresh, swift, and free from bugs. We also provide user testing and security solutions to safeguard the integrity of your site.

Strategic eCommerce Consulting & Project Management

If you are embarking on a website project, allow us to become your steadfast partners! We'll be there from the first spark of an idea all the way through the launch of your website, pointing out potential potholes and offering sustainable solutions. By combining your project, your vision, and our expertise, let's embark on a digital adventure together.

Performance Optimization

Are you seeking to enhance the performance of your website? A lightning-fast site not only makes your customers happy, but also improves your search engine rankings. We understand that technical obstacles can be daunting, but don't worry. We'll fine-tune your site to operate at lightning speed, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your users.

Revamping and Expanding Existing Stores

We're here to help you scale your online store to epic proportions with the power of WooCommerce. Regardless of your goals or objectives, we're here to make your eCommerce dreams come true!

Detecting Issues & Problem Solving

Our expert team specializes in identifying and solving complex problems. With our skills and experience, we swiftly uncover those frustrating problems and provide effective solutions. Entrust us with the task of restoring your store to its optimal functionality, ensuring an uninterrupted and seamless user experience.

Tackling Site Intrusions

In the unfortunate event of a security breach within your WooCommerce store, it is imperative to take immediate action. Rest assured, we are prepared to respond swiftly and effectively. Our team will diligently address the situation, employing advanced measures to neutralize any threats and safeguard your store from further vulnerabilities.


"The number of people I trust to work on a serious eCommerce store can be counted on one hand. Justin and the Zao team are at the top of that very short list. From custom payment gateways to full site builds, you're in good hands."


"When I think of WordPress ecommerce developers, Justin Sainton is at the very top of the list. He's been doing it way before WordPress became known as a serious ecommerce player. I value his skills, his knowledge, his attitude and his passion supremely and highly recommend him for anyone wanting to get serious about ecommerce."


"We get a lot of crazy ideas for things we would like to build. It takes a very special combination of developer and people-person to really understand what and how we want to do certain things. Zao seemed to get “it” instantly. Even from the first wireframe we sent over, they understood our vision and direction. They were the first developers we had spoken to that took a genuine interest in understanding our project from day one."


"There’s no one I trust more with my site than Justin. No matter the situation I know he will take on the task and handle it with as much care as if it were for his own organization. His investment in the success of our site is one I value and treasure."


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