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WPSpins provides WordPress & WooCommerce development services to Enterprises, Digital Marketing agencies, Medium to Small businesses, and startups. We specialize in customizing Themes & plugins.

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WPSpins is a dedicated team of seasoned WordPress developers, led by an expert WordPress Engineer. Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge WordPress and WooCommerce solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs. Whether it's simple content revisions, theme installations, plugin customisations, or the development of a multifaceted web portal, we are committed to exceptional service and quality.

Our approach is rooted in understanding your requirements thoroughly. Each project begins with a meticulous discovery process led by our lead engineer. This ensures that we can meet your needs while setting clear expectations and a robust delivery plan.

How does working with WPSpins look like?

We firmly believe that every aspect of the development process holds equal significance. It all starts with the Discovery phase, where we invest ample time understanding your project's requirements and defining the complete scope of work. We diligently create an initial project outline, design drafts, mock-ups, and a comprehensive assignment checklist to ensure we meet your expectations.

Upon successful completion of the initial phase, we transition to the Design and Coding phase. Here, we ensure that all design expectations are met and confirmed by you before proceeding to the development phase. We adopt a client-centric approach, seeking your approval at every stage and continuously weighing your requirements throughout the coding process. We implement various project management routines and processes to monitor and execute the development phase effectively.

Once the development phase concludes, we conduct a series of sequential tests before presenting the final result to you. This process aims to minimize back-and-forth feedback, ensuring a smoother project experience.

At WPSpins, we combine industry-best practices in website development with a client-focused approach. We leverage the best resources available on the market to achieve the highest level of quality in our work.

We look forward to providing you with our exceptional service and quality work. With WPSpins, you're not just getting the codes; you're getting solutions that work.

Services Offered

WordPress Plugin Development

- Developing custom WordPress Plugins
- Customized solutions to tailor any specific requirement
- Code and development process inline with WordPress community standards

WordPress Theme Design Development

- Design and development of custom themes and custom child themes.
- Enhancing SEO and page/site load speed scores.
- Customized solutions that are compatible with future updates.

WooCommerce Add-Ons Creation

- Creating custom WooCommerce addons
- Coding and implementation as per highest standards

WordPress Plugin and/or Theme Customization

- Customizing existing WordPress Themes and Plugins
- Development executed following highest code and community standards
- Delivery of the completely tested and verified product

API Integration to WordPress & WooCommerce

- Integrating various existing API solutions to WordPress and WooCommerce
- Creating custom API solutions
- Working on both backend and frontend part to ensure integrations executed as per standards and requirements.

Fixes of Existing WordPress & WooCommerce websites

- Full-scale analysis and testing on existing, customized WordPress and WooCommerce websites
- Providing insight and proposals for (re)solutions, roadmaps of execution, etc
- Follow-through with testing phase, ensuring all bug-fixes and enhancements are as per requirements and standards.


“We have been working with WP Spins from 6 Years now, and have him as our team member is really a game changer for us. Usually WordPress developer do what you say, and when you give them something challenging they bounce back, But with WPSpins, I have got an out of box approach to solve the problems. If you have anything related to WordPress and you want to do it, I would recommend that Baljinder and his team can definitely do it.”
Erin Braxton
Owner, The Rebel Geek


“We have been working with Baljinder from WPSpins for a few years at this point, and he’s really been a huge asset and extremely valuable resource to our company with helping to build our WordPress website. We worked with variety of agencies and freelancers over the years but really no one has been able to match the quality, the communication and the expertise that Baljinder has brought in.”
John Donnachie
Owner, ClydeBank Media

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