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Bespoke digital solutions. From empowering start ups, to helping global companies take the next step, we build, improve and scale digital products that drive results.

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We merge creativity, technology and business insight to craft elegant yet simple websites that convey identity and vision. Together, we will embark on a web development journey that starts with strategy, followed by design, development, training and launch.

Having been building eCommerce websites for over 15 years, we know a thing or two about smooth checkouts. Irrespective of size and complexity, we will deliver a superior consumer experiences tailored to your unique business needs.

If you think that a great user experience is a luxury, think again. Super UI/UX is an absolute must if you want to conquer and we know that’s what you want to do. A smart user interface will increase your sales, encourage engagement, improve loyalty, and enhance brand recognition, and that’s just the start. We always build beautiful and easy-to-use online experiences that balance the needs of the end-user and the product owners.

Our talented team designs and develops fully customized websites and bespoke solutions which are data-driven, user-friendly, speed optimized and built to accelerate growth. Our collection of beautifully crafted work sets the benchmark for awesome web experiences and responsive web design.

We’ll strategically align your web application requirements to your business goals so that you can connect with customers and move forward faster. We’ll design a powerful, effective website that is user friendly, intuitive, with a custom design based on industry and will make an impact so you can build trust and hit the ground running. We’ll take into account not only your expectations, but also your goals and technology to develop a website that is on brand and makes an impact.

Whether you’re ready to start a new business venture or you’re looking to take your brick-and-mortar store online, our eCommerce solutions will take you to the next level and will be your new favourite income-generating machine. Our creations will generate sales, create brand loyalty and attract the right clients.

Services Offered

Website Design & Development

Expert web design & development that helps to grow your business.

Smart web design and development cleverly combines beauty and function. User-oriented and conversion-focused, we create innovative and impactful interactive environments that drive results. Beautiful landing page designs that convert. NIU’s in-house creatives craft stunning, intuitive and engaging designs that keep the funnel full.

Just consider that your web design is the digital face of your company. Whether it’s a business website showcasing products and services, or a portfolio website showcasing your talents, you want to define your online presence in a website that:

> Distinctly represents your brand (Branding)
> Looks visually appealing and inviting (Beauty)
> Keeps users engaged (UI/UX)
> Leads prospects down a conversion funnel (Function)
> Is reliable and up-to-date (Support)
> Ranks organically on search engine results pages (SEO)
> Is easy to update and manage (WordPress CMS)

NIU’s website solutions tick all of these boxes and many more. Our experienced web design team leaves no stone unturned.


E-commerce has helped businesses go beyond their geographical boundaries to reach the remotest parts of a country or the globe. Whether you want to run your eCommerce in Malta or worldwide, we can help by adapting our experience to your needs.

Don’t think only local - by expanding into international markets, you can grow your customer base exponentially as well as generate more income. Today’s eCommerce technologies make it easier to go global with your online business through clever application. The eCommerce platform you choose determines the capabilities of your website. Scalability is crucial to your business's long-term future, so we’ll be sure to develop a platform that has the possibility of growing in line with your brand capability.

eCommerce has developed tremendously in the last two decades. It has made life far more convenient for consumers and created all kinds of new opportunities for various businesses. Millions of people purchase via the Internet every day, with a significant number of users doing their shopping online at least twice a week. Businesses are no longer limited by geography - every eCommerce store can now be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Together, we will build and design an online marketplace solution for your unique needs. Built for both web and mobile, we connect powerful APIs to achieve seamless integration with your current setup.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS powering 41% of all websites on the Internet, having a 64.8% market share in the CMS market. Each month, over 400 million people visit WordPress sites.

At NIU we make personalised WordPress websites designed to suit your needs. Our development experts choose WordPress as our go-to CMS because of its functional and feature-rich themes and plug-in solutions, which can be fully customised and tailored to a variety of individual requirements. Plus, a WordPress CMS gives our clients the freedom to take control of the management of their website without having to rely on third parties.

We do all the heavy lifting to set up your WordPress CMS, ensuring that the foundations are solid, enabling you to reach the goals for your online presence. Our expert team will deliver a comprehensive training session designed to guarantee that you gain the confidence and skills to manage your new WordPress website using the customised CMS independently any time you want. Each time WordPress releases a new version, we will automatically update your website seamlessly to the latest version. This means that while you’ll always be in complete control of your website, we’ll never leave your side and always make sure that your website remains secure, effective, optimised, lightning fast.

Set up, training and ongoing maintenance for your WordPress website are just the core steps of the process. Our inhouse experts will guide you throughout the entire process, including in how to evolve your website over time. NIU specialise in developing websites in a modular manner. This means you can plan improvements even post-launch - without having to re-develop certain parts of your current website. No matter the scale or scope of your project, we will walk you through the WordPress development process every step of the way.

UX/UI Design

Think minimal interface, maximum experience.

Improve your brand's digital experience with a team that establishes a clear design process, meets deadlines and delivers a spot-on end result! What more do you need?
We’ve created a robust process of UI/UX which is one-of-a-kind, sophisticated and which clients call genius. Our portfolio of eye-catching websites and best-in-class apps include brilliantly designed and developed interactive environments which give impactful and innovative user experiences.

Our ultimate goal is to build products that are aesthetically appealing yet easy-to-use because a smart user interface will increase your sales, encourage customer engagement, improve brand loyalty, enhance brand recognition and reduce your customer service costs. We are experts at designing great experiences for end users. Our human-centered design approach lets us relate to your customers, identify their needs, and create solutions that enhance their experience for your brand or product.

From basic event apps to scalable enterprise software for multiple companies, our long-term design team can help turn your idea into reality with the latest tools and tech. With 15 years (and counting) of experience, we create best-in-class digital experiences to help businesses succeed in today's digital world. Our design team has created different types of apps and software systems for all major industries. We help brands from various industries to create digital products and services that are not only intuitive and engaging but also deliver measurable results.

Custom Web Applications

Off the shelf applications aren’t always aligned to your company vision, so building an application laser-focused on your needs and developed specifically to meet your business objectives is an investment that will serve in the long run. Cultivating a strong web presence for your business is crucial. A custom web application is an essential asset, whether you’re a business looking to upgrade a fast-growing brand searching for an effective way to generate revenue and create brand exposure, or a growing e-commerce brand including inventory management.

Our collection of responsive custom web apps can be accessed from absolutely any device, they are designed specifically based around your goals and brand guidelines, and may incorporate a number of multiple custom web services which will help you drive e-commerce business exponentially. Thanks to our smart database solutions, you will have easy access to gather crucial information and insights as well as store, retrieve, organize and graph your data which is vital for business growth.

Our custom web apps are incredibly user friendly and can be customized to fit your concrete demands. Your unique application will be built inside of a user-friendly CMS (Content Management System), which allows for a stress-free experience for you and your team. Plus, the possibilities are essentially endless. No matter how complex your desires are, we have the resources and skill-set to help you develop any feature you need from scratch.

Support & Maintenance

When it comes to effective and immediate quality website support, we’re at the top of our game.

From 24/7 critical support where we guarantee that in the case of an online emergency you can count on us to seek solutions fast, to weekday office support where our committed team will happily attend to your requests within one working day — that’s the premium service we so proudly deliver. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) gives our clients peace of mind, flexibility and confidence to take bigger business leaps knowing that when it comes to their online platform, we always have their back.

We keep your site updated, maintained, debugged and running smooth. If your website is running slow, it might reduce your search engine rankings (SEO) as well as effect leads/sales negatively. Outdated or unsupported plugins can also play a big role in hindering your website’s performance. Our job is to take care of all of this for you - making sure that none of the above happens.Thanks to our strategic partnerships with award-winning solutions, the websites in our portfolio are monitored every minute meaning that if your site is down, you will be alerted immediately and our agile team will make sure that your website is up and running again in no time.

Whether you are a startup, e-commerce business, or seeking exceptional website design and development for your brand, we have the expertise and resources to help your business increase its online visibility and value. Let NIU maintain and host your website whilst you focus on running your business.

Web Hosting & Security

We offer premium web hosting solutions with automatic scalability and state-of-the-art security.

Whether you opt to host your website on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, our SLA (Service Level Agreement) will guarantee that we expertly handle all WordPress Content Management System upgrades, perform website security checks and ensure that your website is compatible with the most recent browser versions. We do this via uptime monitoring every minute and also ensure daily backups, meaning our team will make sure that your website is online and functioning as it should. Bottom line: your site is monitored and secured 24/7.

The security of your website is something which we take very seriously. In fact, this is a standard service offering no matter the size or type of your company. We've selected WordPress hosting solution partners that implement active and passive measures to stop any attack instantly.

We are also ISO Certified (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System). Implementing this standard gives assurance to authorities, operators, and most importantly to our clients that all third-party client and financial data stored electronically are securely managed and protected.

With NIU in your corner, you will love that your site is monitored and secured around the clock - even traffic surges and increased downloads will not be an issue.

Web Design

Digital platforms and products that succeed have a considered experience. Our interactive web design practice explores how experience design marries your business requirements with the needs of the user across the whole customer journey, reflecting this on the user interface.


We were please to work with NIU, because apart from bringing a strong creative element to the project, they are also extremely efficient, deadline-conscious and customer-centric. We were supported every step of the way and our queries and challenges were treated in a friendly manner.

Creating a new website can be very daunting. NIU remove this 'fear' and replace it with calm and efficiency. From design to implementation you'll be hand held throughout the entire process, with informative 'how to' videos to guide you even though you're only a phone call or email away from being assisted by NIU crew. Should you delete something that you didn't intent to, or completely reposition items on a particular page that you shouldn't have - NIU will soothingly solve all.

The project was incrementally built, having us involved alongside the team during the whole process which was amazing having us involved as much as possible. Each challenge was handled professionally and efficiently by the NIU team. Thanks to all the team for the final successful project.

I've been working with NIU since their inception, and over the years, we have launched multiple websites across the various Alf Mizzi & Sons group of companies. These ranged from simple websites and online games to high-traffic media and e-commerce websites.

Apart from their obvious technical expertise and prowess, I highly value the sense of ownership and pride that they take in their work. This is expressed in many forms: the ongoing constructive feedback on all of our projects, their commitment to identify and fix issues before we even notice them ourselves, and their constant drive to push us harder and harder to maximize our sales through our e-commerce website. It is refreshing to feel that you are viewed and treated as a partner and not seen as a burden by your service provider.

We still have multiple projects in the pipeline, and with NIU as our partner, I feel comfort in the fact that I will be guided honestly and unselfishly through the scoping of the project, and that the solution that we eventually develop will be visually attractive, intuitive and scalable.

Lovin Malta found a trusted development company in NIU. They helped us deliver a number of complex projects over the past year. The team’s efficiency, hands-on approach and 24-hour service is second to none.

I am impressed with the efficiency that NIU have delivered on schedule a working tool for our company. Communication to fine tune it was constantly open and they were always available to listen to our needs and apply them often within hours or less. This made it possible for us to have a website that serves our purposes perfectly, deviating from our original concept only when absolutely necessary.

I have been extremely pleased with the whole operation. I started working with the team at NIU about six months ago and the relationship has gone from strength to strength. They have given us good results and have committed to keep doing. I would most certainly recommend this young, friendly, dynamic and most importantly cost effective team. Well done!

From start to finish Matt and his team were efficient, on-point, patient & extremely helpful. The website was designed to a T and every last specification was taken note of and implemented. The launch date was always kept in mind and we never veered, in fact the site was ready 3 days before our intended launch date which to me, won them extra bonus points. I would definitely recommend their services - every last one of them.

We have commissioned NIU to create a new eCommerce site for Marsovin. NIU understood the brief and provided a final product which well reflects the Marsovin brand guidelines and story. We enjoyed working with the NIU team on this, who were readily available and helpful to provide timely action and support as requested.

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