We have over 25 years of ecommerce industry experience, helping over 500 companies to build their online platform and scale their ecommerce business.

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We are a technical ecommerce web design agency based in Devon, with over two decades of experience in delivering successful solutions to UK SMEs. During our years in the industry, we've scaled hundreds of ecommerce businesses and seen over £11 billion transacted through our platforms.

We offer a variety of ecommerce services, including:

- Website Development

- UX/UI Design

- Integration


- Performance Audits

- Hosting and Support

By combining our skills, 25 years of experience and our well-defined project process, we promise to deliver a website that is right for you – one aligned with what really matters: achieving commercial objectives and returning on investment. We've packaged up our years of knowledge to create best practice website templates, incorporating SEO, UX and UI.

We know that price is a sticking point, we have website projects that start from £5,000. However, we have a solution for every business that’s including small to medium, all the way up to enterprise ecommerce stores.

Don't just take our word for it, have a look at our reviews to see for yourself!

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Services Offered

Website Development

We build high-performing websites to support companies in scaling their e-commerce businesses.

We have a customer-first approach, where we learn about your business and then build a high-quality website that delivers on your commercial objectives.

What you can expect when working with us:
- Leadership in project management
- Easy to work with
- Attractive & functional designs
- Frictionless ecommerce
- Superfast code
- End to end testing

Hosting and Maintenance

Sellerdeck’s website maintenance services are designed to deliver the core services required for high uptime, frequent back-ups, fast page speed and technical support. We take away the pressure of keeping your site online and operational 24/7.

WooCommerce Maintenance includes:
- Super Fast Managed Hosting
- SSL Implementation
- Technical Support
- WooCommerce Core Upgrades
- Extension Upgrades
- Development Environment for Testing

UX - UI Design

As web developers, UX and UI have to be at the forefront of everything we do. We've used years of industry knowledge to build best practice website templates to ensure a seamless user journey. All templates can be tailored to suit your business and customers, providing a frictionless user flow.

In addition, our team of skilled developers are on hand to execute bespoke designs, offering advice and guidance on UI and UX best practices. Ensuring effective results with excellent usability, capable of driving sales and helping you to achieve your business goals.


Our experienced team understand the intricacy of building an advanced ecommerce platform. We integrate our platforms with the best software and tools available to achieve excellent results.

In addition, our team can identify weaknesses in current platforms and suggest software to bridge any gaps impacting the performance, usability or profitability of your ecommerce store


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is baked into all of our builds to achieve excellent organic results, bolstering the visibility of your business through search engines. In addition, it ensures the retention of rankings throughout the transition period to the new website, preventing any damaging implications to traffic or sales.

Our team are also available to provide guidance and support on how to improve SEO on your website. We can identify your authority on search engines and help with keyword SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and how we can change your approach to increase relevant traffic that converts.

Performance Audits

We offer a range of performance audits to help you improve your ecommerce platform and online presence. The audits help you to identify any weak spots within your business, from limitations with shipping solutions to page formatting.

Our performance audits cover the following:
- Search Engine Everything (SEO): We at your authority on search engines and your keyword SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and how we can change your approach to increase relevant traffic that converts.

- Customer Experience: We review the customer journey throughout your business, from entry points all the way to the endpoints. This Performance Audit identifies the areas of opportunity to improve customer experience and ultimately conversion and retention rates. 

- Data Discovery: We gather the key data points that impact revenue and profits. This Performance Audit gives insight into how your customers and prospects interact with your business to provide you with better customer intelligence.

- Fulfillment: We follow the existing processes within your business and identify the friction points; these may be from a lack of automation or configuration or due to deferred issues.

- Page Speed: We measure the duration of time it takes from the moment a user Our Page Speed Audit measures the duration of time it takes from the moment a user requests a page until the browser has delivered that page to the user. A slow page speed loses customers fast! Research conducted by Google shows that the longer a page takes to load, the higher the probability of customer bounce (the customer navigating away from a site).


'“It was impressive that they understood our company well and had kept our brand integrity throughout every stage.”'

"We briefed them on what we wanted, and they came up with the designs and worked with us throughout the process."


Sprayman Testimonial

Sprayman Testimonial

Sprayman is an award-winning supplier of paint spraying systems to the construction, facilities, and property industries as well as painters, decorators, and other tradespeople. With over 200 years of combined experience between Directorship and senior management, their extensive expertise and knowledge distinguish them from their competitors. Sprayman has excellent customer service, and their friendly, and supportive approach builds long-standing relationships with their customers.

The existing website was launched roughly two years ago on a propriety platform and has had continual growth.

Sprayman website -

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