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Led by experienced entrepreneurs with strategic and technical know-how, Filter has a respected track record for providing outstanding solutions resulting in significant business performance outcomes.

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We are a remote-first UK-based digital solutions agency. We combine our expertise with technologies to enable the businesses we work with to thrive in the connected world. Our services principally include strategic consultancy, web/app development, custom platform development.

With a respected track record for providing outstanding digital services, our highly skilled and knowledgeable team bring industry-leading expertise, providing our clients with the comfort of being able to robustly differentiate through the use of technology and marketing communication strategy.

We are always open to meeting new connections, so if you have a digital challenge you need solving, please do get in touch.

Services Offered

Strategy and Consultancy

We implement effective digital strategy including consideration to business, people and technology requirements. We can help you to develop an effective digital strategy and identify technical solutions, which will enable you to achieve your goals. Our dedicated team have a proven track record for providing outstanding solutions which often result in significantly improved business performance. We have an excellent team of in-house developers and business professionals who have a wide variety of experience.

UX and UI Design

At Filter, we craft digital experiences that blend captivating UX with stunning UI. Our team’s mission is to transform concepts into intuitive, elegant solutions that captivate audiences and elevate brands. With a focus on excellence, our UX designers delve deep into understanding user needs. Merging aesthetics and functionality, resulting in interfaces that guide users effortlessly.

WordPress Development

Filter is a trusted agency specialising in WordPress website design and development. We’ll assist you in managing all aspects of your web project, from design and UX, to building a strong web foundation that can scale as you grow. Discover how we’ve aided many organisations in achieving their goals by creating fast, reliable, and secure publishing platforms on the world’s top CMS.

WordPress Multilingual

Step into the realm of localised content with WordPress Multilingual solutions, a transformative offering brought to you by our expert digital solutions agency. As specialists in crafting WordPress websites and mobile apps, we help businesses to speak fluently to audiences around the globe. Join us on a journey that redefines your reach and resonates across languages and cultures – welcome to the era of localised content with WordPress Multilingual solutions.

Headless WordPress

Our expertise lies in creating value-adding Headless WordPress solutions that empower you to deliver seamless, dynamic content experiences across all channels. Dive into a world where your content comes first, unaffected by platform limitations and where the journey from web to mobile is a fluid yet unified narrative. Join us on a transformative journey that redefines content distribution and engagement – welcome to the era of Headless WordPress for omnichannel content brilliance.
Our team has a respected track record in relation to creating effective website solutions, an example of this can be seen within the work we produced for Crystal Palace F.C.

We worked with the club to create a standalone website to better showcase the services available as part of a premium match day experience.

We developed this site using WordPress and integrated plugins such as Gravity Forms to manage enquiries and to enable real time customer service. Our team also built 3D models of a variety of the clubs match day lounges to give a proper visualisation.


We can help you to introduce a new solution or greatly improve your current process. The days of the paperback catalogue are over and most people have the means to make purchases in the palm of their hand. The Filter team have a proven and respected track record when it comes to creating scalable, digital solutions. We utilise our expertise across business, people and technology to implement the best possible tools for your business. Our team have had the pleasure of working a multitude of excellent brands on some truly innovative and value-creating projects.

Custom WordPress Development

From seamless user interfaces to bespoke functionalities, our team of dedicated developers takes pride in turning your unique ideas into a feature-rich, tailor-made WordPress masterpiece. Explore the power of customisation and bring your online aspirations to life with us. Tailoring the design and functionality to your unique needs can enhance user experience, improve site performance, and maximise engagement. Customisation empowers you to optimise every aspect of your website for a personalised and efficient online journey.


Emma, Inside Out Community: We underestimated the role our website was going to play when we first launched the community, so having Filter on board as a trusted tech partner has been so valuable. We now have the right foundations for growth and to realise our vision, along with the very important peace of mind that we now have a trusted partner to support us at each stage of our growth journey.

Daniel, Tomorrow's Guides: Truly great experience working with Filter. Every team member had exceptional knowledge in their field. We felt that they understood what we were trying to achieve from the start of the project and further demonstrated this through requirements gathering and delivery. They delivered quality throughout and we are very pleased with our new content pages.

Libby, Homeprotect: It’s been 2 months since we launched the new site and we’ve seen a +25% increase in our conversion rate and a huge increase in load speed across both mobile and desktop. Our new site is also more accessible (AA standard) and our new and improved navigation now means fewer people search for things like ‘login’ since the button is now so easy to find.

Abbie, Medivet: We enjoy working with Filter because they are 100% reliable and always available, never miss deadlines and are a really great bunch of people. They are very much part of the Medivet team and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Robyn, Seoul Bird: It has been a pleasure working with Filter. Their team of highly skilled professionals consistently exceed our expectations by delivering fantastic results while meeting all our goals and deadlines. They are always responsive, approachable, and willing to address any concerns or questions we may have.

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