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Led by experienced entrepreneurs with strategic and technical know-how, Filter has a respected track record for providing outstanding solutions resulting in significant business performance outcomes.

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We have a respected track record for providing outstanding digital services, both in the UK and internationally, we use our expertise across business, people and technology to architect scalable digital solutions. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team bring industry-leading expertise, allowing clients to differentiate through the use of technology and marketing strategy.

We believe our innovation comes from our ability to simplify and have developed our offering to cover a selection of specialist services, reflecting our expertise and capability. We can help with a variety of different digital solutions such as:

- Strategy & Consultancy

- Enterprise WordPress

- App Development

- Websites & CMS

- Bespoke Development

- E-Commerce

Services Offered

Strategy and Consultancy

We implement effective digital strategy including consideration to business, people and technology requirements. We can help you to develop an effective digital strategy and identify technical solutions, which will enable you to achieve your goals. Our dedicated team have a proven track record for providing outstanding solutions which often result in significantly improved business performance. We have an excellent team of in-house developers and business professionals who have a wide variety of experience.

App Development

We are able to develop a variety of applications within our team. Our team have a proven track record when it comes to creating complex and bespoke applications using solutions such as React Native, Ionic and other frameworks. Our team recently developed a web-based application to help potential customers of Quod, an independent planning and regeneration consultancy, to assess regulatory requirements for planning applications as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment. This involved flexible logic, data capture, analytics and more.

Enterprise WordPress

WordPress is a widely used content management system (CMS). WordPress VIP is a platform which is simple enough for anyone to use and agile enough to adapt to your customer base, anywhere in the world. It has been reported that businesses who use WordPress VIP within their digital projects can experience up to 400% more return on investment.

Bespoke Development

Our experienced team can help you to create your own customised bespoke digital solution. We are proud of the experienced and talented team we have built here at Filter.
Our team includes many different developers of varying skill sets and specialisms. This means we are able to offer a wide range of high-quality digital solutions. We are known for powering open-source solutions for progressive businesses by utilising PHP frameworks such as Laravel and application program interfaces (API).

As part of our continued work with Medivet, one of the largest chains of vet clinics in the UK, we developed a custom solution to their client communication. Our team developed a reminders micro-service in Microsoft Azure, to parse and process reminder data files, apply grouping logic and mapping reminders to pre-defined templates to generate messages to the specified delivery channel. The reminders engine processes over 5,000 reminders a day. Over 2 million reminder messages are processed each year.

Websites & CMS

We have a respected track record when it comes to developing effective, value-creating websites. There are different tools and methodologies involved in website development, most of which our team is highly experienced with. Whether it’s managing various websites in one place using WordPress Multisite or utilising JavaScript framework using React. We also have experience with headless CMS which you can read more about here. Using WordPress as a headless CMS allows you to create the front-end of your web application using any web technology, whilst managing its content using the most prominent CMS available.

Our team has a respected track record in relation to creating effective website solutions, an example of this can be seen within the work we produced for Crystal Palace F.C.

We worked with the club to create a standalone website to better showcase the services available as part of a premium match day experience.

We developed this site using WordPress and integrated plugins such as Gravity Forms to manage enquiries and to enable real time customer service. Our team also built 3D models of a variety of the clubs match day lounges to give a proper visualisation.


We can help you to introduce a new solution or greatly improve your current process. The days of the paperback catalogue are over and most people have the means to make purchases in the palm of their hand. The Filter team have a proven and respected track record when it comes to creating scalable, digital solutions. We utilise our expertise across business, people and technology to implement the best possible tools for your business. Our team have had the pleasure of working a multitude of excellent brands on some truly innovative and value-creating projects.

Business Resources

As part of our continued commitment to the business community, we wanted to introduce a new series where we can provide guidance on a range of enterprise-related topics. We will be publishing a variety of eBooks throughout the year that will focus on important subjects from within the digital sector. The series has been designed to tackle everyday challenges that businesses are currently facing or predicted to face in the near future.

To produce every individual eBook in the Enterprise Series, our team have collaborated with top industry partners. Ensuring that we provide the best possible guidance and recommendations, while drawing from a wide variety of sources. There will be a new eBook released towards the end of every quarter, so make sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and keep an eye on our website for updates on future topics. Starting with The Marketers Guide To Web Accessibility – examining what is required from both private and public sector organisations when it comes to the accessibility of their websites.

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