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At Mode Effect, we are critical WooCommerce Experts at Your Service. We exist to help companies with their highly technical e-commerce needs.

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Mode Effect specializes in the custom implementation, configuration and maintenance of WooCommerce platforms for small to midsize businesses that are not able to support an entire IT department to fulfill their technology needs.

We also develop specialized solutions in the form of plug-ins and module extensions to provide functionally, integration and automation beyond the capabilities of your eCommerce platform.

Services Offered

WooCommerce Performance Tuning

Our team of WooCommerce developers can help your business reach its full potential by improving site speed, adding functionalities, creating custom extensions, and improving your online sales. We understand how to tailor ecommerce sites specifically to your customer’s and business needs. Whether you need a new site or an upgrade to your existing site, we can offer a variety of development services to improve site design, site performance, site functionality, and ultimately provide you with a unique online store that meets your ecommerce needs.

Foundational Website Audit

Our Foundational Audit service covers all critical areas of your ecommerce website, which may affect crawlability, indexability and usability. We'll also analyze your analytics and reporting tools to ensure that you're accurately tracking your results and getting the insights you need to make informed business decisions.

By taking advantage of our Foundational Audit service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ecommerce business is operating at its full potential. We'll help you identify any areas that need improvement and provide you with actionable recommendations to optimize your performance and drive results.

Don't wait any longer – contact us today to schedule your Foundational Audit and start unlocking the full potential of your ecommerce business! Our team of experts will work with you to identify any issues, provide recommendations, and help you implement the changes you need to achieve your goals.

PPC and Ad Management

Complete overseeing of all current PPC ads running across all platforms (Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing, etc.)
Ad management to optimize performance and improve on overall investment
Analyze current ad spend and investigate ways to optimize PPC ads
Keyword research for up to x keywords
Bid management
A/B Testing to determine the most effective ads

Email Marketing and Automation

Creative email designs with mobile optimization
Automated welcome series, post-purchase, and drip automations built out in ActiveCampaign
Cart abandonment automation email campaigns
Custom content calendars are provided each month
Custom-segmented email campaigns that are targeted at what you want to promote
Optional social media posts scheduled the same day as the email campaign

WooCommerce Store Ongoing Development

Whether you already have a WooCommerce store, or you're looking to build one, Mode Effect can help you create a professional and functional e-commerce website. With our guidance, you can customize your online store to meet your specific needs and preferences, from design to functionality. We can help you integrate payment gateways, shipping options, and other essential features to enhance your customers' shopping experience.

By partnering with us, you can ensure that your WooCommerce store is not only visually appealing but also optimized for conversions. Our WooCommerce development team can assist you in creating compelling product pages, intuitive navigation, and effective calls to action that encourage visitors to purchase.


For several years, Countryman was experiencing an increasing amount of challenges and instability with its website, which includes an online store that houses 35,000+ product SKUs for highly configurable audio equipment products. To make matters worse, their website developer disappeared leaving them with a site that would crash when they made any changes to the products or content.

Mode Effect identified one of the primary challenges as the fact that Countryman’s website was running on a website page builder. “The website builder was a beast, slow, crashes browsers and is hard to work with,” said Mike. “We got them off the builder and into something easy to manage. We use a concept called blocks, which allows us to very easily create content and optimize performance.”

The difference in our website uptime, speed, functionality and performance as well as ease of use is night and day. We have received many compliments from our customers and people in our industry on the new website as well,” Chris added.

The changes to Countryman’s website, including the site redesign, product SKU integration and hosting environment migration have resulted in the following positive changes:

Massive improvement in website performance with fast load times and speed as a result of the new theme and site rebuild.
Stable, reliable website that Countryman can easily make changes to on their own without any concerns about creating issues with site stability.
Significant control and autonomy over the site with the ability to manage product pages, marketing page content edits and more.
A modern new site design that their customers and industry partners compliment and enjoy interacting with.
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One of the first things Mode Effect did was ask Tyson for a wish list of things to fix and resolve that Tyson had not been able to get resolved with his current vendor. One of the big items on the list had to do with the company’s vendor reporting system.

Another issue that Mode Effect was able to help The Red Headed Hostess address was speed and performance on its WooCommerce site.
“I thought out site was performing pretty well regarding speed,” said Tyson. “But I noticed a big difference when we went to management and hosting with Mode Effect.”
Over the three years that Mode Effect has partnered with The Red Headed Hostess, they have continued to identify areas for improvement to keep the site’s performance strong on both the front- and back-end.

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How A Fast-Growing Nutritional Supplement Business Keeps Its Site Fast and Efficient During Busy Holiday and Sales Periods
Choq is a privately owned research, development, and manufacturer of nutritional supplements it sells on its WooCommerce website, most often to men in their late 20s through 30s who want to boost their energy. Based in Austin, Texas, Choq uses a rigorous science-based, herbalist approach to create safe and natural supplements to boost vitality. It especially stands out from its competitors for its complete transparency about the ingredients used in its supplements. As a result, Choq has a 4.9/5 TrustPilot rating and is among the top five sellers of natural supplements in the U.S.

Services offered: WooCommerce development, Website hosting, & e-mail automation

The Challenge launched in 2019, using a WooCommerce website built with some freelancers and some DIY methods and launched on a traditional shared website host. They certainly didn’t expect things to pick up as fast as they did!

After switching hosts as a stop-gap, the site experienced two consecutive Black Friday crashes caused by an overload of site visitors. A second challenge was to boost the site’s sluggish performance for mobile customers, who make up 70-80% of site visitors and purchases.

It became apparent that seeking freelancers and general web development companies to help with higher-volume e-commerce sites wasn’t getting them the support they needed. So they went searching for a company who are experts in WooCommerce to help them.

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