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We love taking on existing WooCommerce builds, cleaning up and developing existing sites to get them in the best shape possible and generating better ROI.

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Atomic Smash custom-builds and evolves enterprise WooCommerce platforms.

We specialise in sites that are constantly evolving, creating digital experiences that adapt to the changing needs of the businesses they are built for and the customers they serve.

Dedicated to making WooCommerce stores work harder, we make enhancements and optimizations while identifying ways to streamline internal processes and get a site doing more of the heavy lifting.

Unlike many other agencies, we love taking on existing WordPress or WooCommerce builds. Cleaning up and developing these existing sites further gets them in the best shape possible so they can generate better ROI.

We get results by working strategically, leading with the tasks that will achieve the biggest improvements for the least effort required. Whatever a client wants to focus on, our team will work with them to come up with ideas and execute them to the highest quality.

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Evolving existing WooCommerce platforms

We take on existing WooCommerce sites that have already been built and make them work harder through our Always Evolving model. Constantly tinkering, optimising, and improving your WooCommerce platform so that it can grow and develop with your business, Atomic Smash your long-term partner offering constant support and delivering monthly development and optimisation work to keep your online store performing at its best.


"Our buying journey has been transformed, with UX improvements resolving any points of customer confusion or frustration. Incremental improvements to site speed continue to boost SEO and conversion rates so we’re seeing notable increases in AOV."

"Atomic Smash are an absolute pleasure to work with. We have gained so much from our website project with them, and continue to benefit from their knowledge and approach to development of WordPress sites and their understanding of UX design, tracking engagement and eCommerce. Their process is meticulous, patient and professional. We now have a website which serves our audiences and our team, whilst having so much potential for future growth.”

“​We view this as an ongoing project, we want to continue to improve and invest in the site. The communication is incredible. From the first meeting with Piers, I felt like we could trust Atomic Smash to produce an incredible website, which they did.”


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