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Big Red Jelly is a branding, web design, and web strategy agency with a specialization in online tools, automation, and strategy.

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Big Red Jelly is a creative branding and web design agency with a proven "Brand. Build. Grow." process. We've helped thousands of businesses around the world grow by following our three-step process:

1. Create a captivating brand

2. Build a powerful website connected to the right online tools

3. Grow your business with collaborative support

We specialize in helping you build the online foundation your business needs BEFORE marketing that will lead you to long-term success. Find out how our "Brand. Build. Grow." process can help your business succeed, schedule a discovery call on to get started today!.

Services Offered

Branding Services

Give your business a competitive edge with a strong and clear brand.

Understanding exactly who you are as a company is a crucial first step in controlling your brand. An outside perspective is key to successful research. Connect with your target audience by knowing what motivates them to act and incorporating it into all areas of your brand.

Brand Discovery Session
Competitor Analysis
Audience Analysis
Color Science

Developing a strategy for your brand growth is an imperative first step. After thorough discovery and research, we begin to explore an optimal voice, values, vision and aesthetic for your brand. Your business will be positioned to outperform your competitors and grow.

Brand Strategy Session
Brand Positioning
Team Interviews
SOAR Analysis

Capturing the voice and tone of your company in your brand story is an important step in establishing your brand. Connect with your ideal target audience by solidifying your core values, clearly communicating your mission, and selling them on your unique differentiators.

Mission Statement
Unique Value Propositions
Core Values
Brand Story

Brand visuals are key to increasing brand recognition. Your brand recognition will increase with a strong visual identity. Consistent colors, typography, logos, and photography will help your brand stand out against your competitors across all platforms.

Color Schemes
Brand Typography
Custom Logo
Alternate Logos
Photography Guide
Marketing Assets

Confidently implement your new brand with the help of your new brand style guide, training from our brand team, and strategy from our growth team. Get ready to see an increase in brand recognition, awareness, and loyalty for optimal growth in your industry.

Brand Style Guide
Final Review
Downloadable Brand Assets
Brand Training & Walkthrough
Growth Strategy Session

Build (Web Design)

With the right design, online tools and web strategy, your business will grow… even while you’re asleep.

Following current best web design practices is critical for a positive, easy user experience. Your website is often the first impression potential customers have of your company. A thoughtfully designed website can make or break someone’s decision to work with you.

Expert UX/UI Design
Incorporated Branding
Captivating Visuals
Totally Unique Design

Your website will be built on one of three popular, easy-to-use platforms: WordPress, Wix, or Shopify. Meet weekly with your build strategist to help your vision become a reality. Incorporate your brand color, typography, photography, and videography on every page.

WordPress, WIX or Shopify
Optimized for Mobile
Smooth Functionality
Strategic Layout

Online tools and integrations turn a basic website into a powerhouse of automation. Automations are the first step in making your website work for you. Our team will suggest the best, most cutting-edge tools to your website into your best business asset.

CRM Integration
Lead Generating Forms
Industry-Specific Online Tools
Strategic Lead Magnets

Now your website has the RIGHT industry-specific online tools and setup. Our team of experts gets to work on setting up marketing and sales automations throughout your website. Turning your site into a powerful marketing tool that works nonstop to help grow your business.

Automated Welcome Emails
Live Chat / Chat Bot Setup
Downloadable Lead Magnets
Interactive Portfolios
Content Rich Blogs, Galleries, and More

A big differentiator in our build process is equipping YOU with the knowledge to operate your website autonomously. After launching your website, you will receive personalized instruction and training.


Your go-to team for expert web support, brand support and online strategy

It’s “Web Support”… On steroids.

Now you have a team of online experts on your side who understand your website, business, online tools and online strategy. Let’s grow!

With your new captivating brand and powerful website, your business is ready to grow. Our team of digital experts is ready to support you every step of the way. First, we review, setup and optimize your website. This includes ensuring you have the right security, performance, accessibility, and hosting tools.

Your website is the online hub for your business, this means you probably have various online tools, plugins and apps that your business is using or should be using in order to help your business grow. We review these online tools, set them up correctly and integrate new tools that are optimal for future success.

We redefined “web support”. Our team of web experts work closely with you and your team and go far beyond regular website edits. We help you grow through effective web strategy, analytics insights, strategic recommendations, marketing automation support, online tool support and high-level digital consulting. Now you have a dedicated, go-to team of experts that understand your brand, website and business.

Your business deserves customized, 1 on 1, expert strategy and our team is ready to provide that for you. Many agencies give the bare minimum, our Web Support Strategists go far beyond and work hard to help grow your business by in-depth analysis of your analytics, regularly scheduled strategy calls, collaboration within our teams and more.

We don’t stop at brand, website and online tool support. Now that your online foundation has been vastly improved, and your dedicated web support and strategy team is working hard, now is the right time to invest in effective marketing and advertising.


I cannot write enough on how pleased I am with my website! Every client that sets an appointment through it compliments how user friendly and beautiful it is.

I had a great experience with Big Red Jelly. Working with the team was a real pleasure. I appreciated her being proactive and providing important suggestions as we built out our logo and brand. They were very responsive and kept the project on track.

Working with Big Red Jelly has been a wonderful experience! I was not sure what direction I wanted to go with my branding, and she totally nailed it!

We were so impressed we had them build a second site for another business - with the same level of satisfaction and results - Big Bad Jelly Rocks! Thanks guys.

As a solo practitioner mental health counselor, I was looking for a company to help me build a beautiful website for a reasonable price. I found that and more with Big Red Jelly.

The staff is taking the time to make sure our website is fully customized to work for our business. I think they wouldn't know how to use a cookie cutter because the approach has been all about starting fresh and creating what we want.

Excellent digital marketing agency! The team is so professional, and they have a wide variety of expertise and experience to ensure your website or social media improves. I highly recommend them!

Working with Big Red Jelly was an amazing experience. They took the time to understand our needs and specifications around re-vamping our website and transformed it into a beautiful and more customer friendly finished product!

They exceeded our expectations. Big Red Jelly did a great job on the logo and was very flexible with our revisions and edits. We highly recommend them. They stand out for their flexibility and ability to pivot. Moreover, their response time is excellent; there aren’t delays in their responses. In general, they have good communication follow-up and professionalism.


Brand. Build. Grow.

Brand. Build. Grow.

Managing a business in this digital age can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive. Our team helps you brand, build, ...

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