Gothenburg, Sweden

Wallmander & Co are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We build custom enterprise WooCommerce for D2C and B2B brands with custom integration to several ERP-systems.

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Wallmander & Co are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are e-commerce agency that specializes in WordPress & WooCommerce. We help brands to implement and run their e-Commerce on WooCommerce as well as grow their online business.

We build custom enterprise D2C and B2B solutions with integration to several ERP- systems for

We do custom design and storefront for both D2C and B2B solutions. We work with several listed companies.

Our key competence are:

- B2B solutions

- Design

- internationalization

- Custom designed storefronts

- Integration to ERP

- WooCommerce

Services Offered

Sales Server - ERP integrations

We do custom integrations to ERPs, PIMs and other systems.

Custom Design

We do custom store front design for your WooCommerce store.

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