First-generation certified WooCommerce expert with decades of experience in building custom solutions that have enabled leading B2B/B2C brands to generate $100M+ in combined revenue.

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CartKnitter is one of the first-generation certified WooExperts who played a crucial role in transforming the platform with its bespoke solutions. Our custom WooCommerce websites and plugins help businesses in all niches, including B2B, healthcare, finance, and technology.

Certified WooExpert With Over a Decade of Experience

As an expert in WooCommerce from the platform's inception, CartKnitter helps companies build and maintain a solid and noticeable online presence. Our expert team has delivered over 1,000 successful projects, generating over $100 million for our clientele.

Over 12 years as a certified WooCommerce expert, we built aesthetically beautiful websites with user-friendly features and optimized performance. Our custom WooCommerce solutions power some of the biggest brands based in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

CartKnitter's Seal of Trust

As a premium WooCommerce development company, we have a diverse client portfolio, including high-risk businesses and healthcare organizations. At CartKnitter, the ultimate seal of trust is our valuable clients, but that does not stop us from earning 5-star ratings on leading platforms like Clutch.

Over the 12 years of our WooCommerce journey, we helped more than a thousand clients create their dream online store on WooCommerce. Our expert team also built several plugins and extensions customized to meet the unique requirements of our clients and even released a few of them on the WooCommerce marketplace.

With expertise in developing personalized WooCommerce solutions for businesses from over twenty-five industry verticals, our seasoned professionals tackle any problem without hesitation. Moreover, we always pursue more efficient solutions using advanced software and AI-based tools to minimize project turnaround time while ensuring the quality of the deliverables.

Specialized WooCommerce Services From a First-generation Certified WooCommerce Expert

We offer a 360-degree WooCommerce service that handles all your online needs, from custom feature development to optimization strategies.

✅ Personalized WooCommerce website strategy

✅ Custom WooCommerce website design

✅ WooCommerce website development from scratch

✅ Custom WooCommerce theme development

✅ WooCommerce plugin development

✅ Specialized WooCommerce development for B2B

✅ Mobile application development for WooCommerce

✅ WooCommerce plugin customization

✅ Native and third-party extension integration

✅ WooCommerce customization services

✅ Headless development for WooCommerce

✅ WooCommerce platform migration services

✅ Feature identification for WooCommerce

✅ Specialized WooCommerce marketplace development

✅ WooCommerce payment gateway integrations

✅ Theme customization for WooCommerce

✅ Round-the-clock WooCommerce support and maintenance

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Services Offered

Personalized WooCommerce Website Strategy

Our certified experts specialize in creating highly customized WooCommerce website strategies to meet your unique business goals. We follow a holistic process that begins with a deep analysis of your business deliverables and goals, then implementation using advanced solutions and AI tools.

Custom WooCommerce Website Design

We help organizations create their brand identity through aesthetic interfaces and customized WooCommerce website designs. Our experts specialize in conveying your brand story with highly personalized designs that resonate with your target audience and complement your brand colors.

WooCommerce Website Development From Scratch

Our WooCommerce experts can help you build an entirely new storefront from scratch with custom features, functionalities, and design. Our custom WooCommerce development services enable you to customize your online store freely and personalize it with unique capabilities.

Specialized WooCommerce Development for B2B

CartKnitter has a team of experts specializing in B2B WooCommerce development and works with some of the leading wholesale brands inside and outside the U.S. We will help you set up advanced capabilities for your B2B inventory and set it up with advanced dropshipping capabilities.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

The experts at CartKnitter can help you quip your online store with advanced features and capabilities with custom WooCommerce plugin development. We will assess your unique requirements and develop fully customized plugins to align with your needs.

WooCommerce Plugin Customization

Adding new features and custom capabilities to your store is quick and easy with CartKnitter's WooCommerce plugin customization services. Our experts can take any native or third-party plugin and customize it to align with your unique needs and enhance your website capabilities.

WooCommerce Platform Migration Services

CartKnitter can help you start your WooCommerce journey by moving your existing online store to a highly flexible and scalable WordPress-based platform. Our holistic WooCommerce platform migration process ensures the accurate migration of all your sensitive business information, media files, and customer data.

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integrations

CartKnitter's team of experts can help you ensure superior payment flexibility on your online store with advanced WooCommerce payment gateway integrations. Our expertise in numerous payment gateway integrations and experience working with high-risk products enables us to create the ultimate checkout process for your business.

Native and Third-party Extension Integration

Our expert team can help you significantly enhance your website's eCommerce capabilities by integrating native and third-party extensions to your WooCommerce store. We use advanced integration to enable you to bridge the gap in your digital business management and optimize its operations.

Specialized WooCommerce Marketplace Development

We offer specialized WooCommerce marketplace development services to help you build technologically superior and user-friendly online marketplaces. Our decades of experience enable us to identify and implement WooCommerce capabilities to enhance user experience and conversions.


Hands down, the best WooCommerce development services we ever used! CartKnitter knew everything we were doing wrong with our website from the get-go. The project manager was always available and gave us timely updates on the redesign of our site. Even after they handed over the project to us, they were nice enough to check back on us to ensure the site and the customized new design were working seamlessly. We highly recommend their WooCommerce development service.
- Bradley Parks

I went to CartKnitter to revamp the UI and UX of my WooCommerce store. The whole process was quick and efficient without me having to breathe down their neck. I received regular updates from the team regarding the project, and they used an already existing WooCommerce theme to save me time. The finished result looked entirely new, thanks to the customizations made by CartKnitter. I don't know how they delivered the site so fast, but I will use their services again.
- Jessie Pearson

I chose WooCommerce to build my online business because it is incredibly flexible and has numerous customization options. However, to my dismay, I lacked the coding skills or technical expertise for advanced WooCommerce customizations. Fortunately, a friend suggested the services of CartKnitter, and I have yet to look back. They built a fully customized store for my business and never said no to any of my requirements, no matter how complex they were.
- Gary Mansfield

The best of the best! I used several developers to build a custom WooCommerce store. Unfortunately, all the services I hired before CartKnitter could not create a WooCommerce site from scratch. Due to the nature of my business, I needed custom capabilities that other developers could not deliver. Thankfully, I found CartKnitter on the WooExpert page, and they helped me build a fully customized WooCommerce store from the ground up!
- James Davis

One of the best and most talented WooCommerce teams we have ever worked with, CartKnitter was always on top of the game. We needed to customize the inventory management capabilities on our WooCommerce store, and we were already using a popular software for the same. CartKnitter team customized the WooCommerce plugin and implemented inventory capabilities that practically take care of themselves.
- Todd Heard

I found CartKnitter as one of the certified WooExperts. Initially, I did not have high hopes for them as I had already tried some premium developers to optimize the bookings on my website via a custom plugin. To my surprise, the experts at CartKnitter were able to customize the plugin, and that too within an unbelievable time. The customization works perfectly on my store, simultaneously with my existing plugins. If you want a reliable WooCommerce plugin customization, go for CartKnitter with your eyes closed.
- Nellie Hurley


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