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Virtina provides top-tier WooCommerce development services to address your unique business concerns. We have the necessary expertise, skillset, and tools to expertly resolve all the challenges in your WooCommerce store. Our WooCommerce experts can simplify, streamline, and elevate your business. Our extensive experience makes us the most reliable WooCommerce development company. From strategy, roadmap, prototyping, all the way to development and implementation, we handle each project meticulously to give our clients the most satisfactory result. You receive the best Return on Investment (ROI) with Virtina. We build innovative, reliable, customized, and future-proof solutions. Our experienced team of Woo Experts provides eCommerce solutions that help our clients succeed.

✓ Increased Traffic

✓ Improved User Experience

✓ Increased Sales

✓ Increased Revenue – Revenue Lift and Revenue Shift

✓ Simplified Business Operations


Virtina has a dedicated team of In-house WooCommerce Experts who conduct a strategic review of your pain points in the discovery phase to understand your specific requirements. From there, we identify and define appropriate solutions and initiate our development process. Furthermore, we’ll conduct Rigorous QA testing, perfect our work, and deliver your WooCommerce project on time.


✓ B2B and B2C website development

✓ Theme Development – Custom Themes

✓ Theme customization

✓ Responsive web design

✓ Mobile app design and development

✓ Plugin development

✓ Plugin customization

✓ Platform Migration

✓ Third party Integrations – ERP, CRM, PIM, etc.

✓ 3rd-Party integration customization

✓ Performance/Page Speed Optimization

✓ SEO Optimization

✓ Payment Gateways

✓ Shipping Customizations

✓ Maintenance and Troubleshooting


✓ Skilled In-house WooCommerce Experts

✓ Rigorous QA Testing on your Project

✓ Holistic Discovery Approach

✓ Fast and Proactive Communication

✓ Expert Management of Time and Resources

✓ Budgeted and Cost-effective Solutions

✓ Agile and Adaptive Project Methodologies

✓ Personalized and Tailor-made Solutions


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Services Offered

WooCommerce Website Development

Virtina uses the latest design practices and state-of-the-art technologies, including fully-interactive prototypes, to create the perfect WooCommerce store that you envision. Virtina builds the most accurate storefront for your business to tell your brand story and align with its values.

WooCommerce Web Design

We design WooCommerce storefronts that align perfectly with your line of business while maintaining your brand identity throughout the website. We employ state-of-the-art design technologies, including fully-interactive prototyping and AI-assisted tools to get you the most accurate result without burning a hole in your pocket.

WooCommerce Custom Theme Development

We have extensive experience in designing custom WooCommerce themes that align with a brand and its values. Our custom themes are capable of captivating and retaining user attention. We enable brands to mark their presence in the online world with custom themes developed from the ground up that are unique and aesthetic.

WooCommerce Theme Customization

We'll customize any WooCommerce theme to align with your unique requirements and compliment your brand's identity. Our WooCommerce theme developers ensure that your customized theme stands apart from the crowd, conveys your brand's message, and provides the user with a unique experience.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

We have a team of dedicated WooCommerce developers who can create a custom plugin for your store that enables you to access functionalities which are otherwise inaccessible via stock plugins. From plugin customization to custom plugin development, our WooCommerce development team can handle it all.

WooCommerce Platform Migration

We ensure your online store's safe migration to the superior WooCommerce platform without jeopardizing your valuable data. An expert WooCommerce team undertakes each migration project. Virtina's attention to detail makes sure that no data is missing or misplaced from the original store.

WooCommerce Integration

Virtina ensures that all integrations on your WooCommerce website including the third-party are done seamlessly. We make sure that there isn't any internal conflict within your system thus safely enabling advanced features on your store. The result is an online store that can cater to the user's every need.

WooCommerce Bug Fix and Optimization

Don't let a minor bug eat into your profits. Even a minor breakdown of your web store could cost you valuable sales. At Virtina, every WooCommerce bug fix project is carried out in an instant to ensure the smooth functioning of your store. Furthermore, Virtina's optimization delivers a superior user experience and ensures the site is ready to go live on time.

WooCommerce Website Support

Our WooCommerce website support ensures the smooth running and problem solving of your eCommerce store at all times. We have a 24/7 support service that is available at your disposal. We make it a point to get our WooCommerce certified developers working on the job at the earliest because the downtime may badly affect your sales and revenue.


They are a great partner! Virtina knows the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms very well and all deliverables have been on time and on budget, which is good. The great is that when we've had questions or problems they have always been ready to jump in and help, even when it wasn't really "their problem", that is what makes them a great partner and I'm grateful to have their continued support. I'd highly recommend them.
- Jenny Houston

I hired Virtina to do some random WooCommerce projects and was happy with the results! They were even able to complete two tasks my former developer told me were not possible. One of their best qualities is the thoroughness of the QA testing, which has been a struggle with other developers. I only had to provide one round of feedback per project, and most of it was design-related tweaks which are less of a headache than functionality issues.
- Ava Mutchler

The Virtina team was prompt in returning my call the same day and scheduling an appointment the next day in the morning. All of my Word Press issues we addressed in the one-hour time slot--in addition to another item that was not on my agenda. Prompt, Professional, Progressive... Love me some VIRTINA!
- Dave Richardson

I hired Virtina to create customization between WooCommerce Bookings and Follow-up emails to display a client's booking timezone in our emails. They did an excellent job! It took very little time. They communicated every step of the way. The customization works perfectly. Thank you.
- Leon LeGant

A complex WooCommerce project was getting out of hand. Our in-house experts were having a hard time solving the recurring problems. We were losing sales every day. And then, we decided to approach the brilliant minds at Virtina, who expertly solved and saved my eCommerce site.
- Bitson Antony


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