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CoSpark stands as the leading expert in enterprise-level WooCommerce development, proudly based in the US. Our deep expertise and collaborative approach ensure the creation of exceptional websites and stores that scale effortlessly, leading to seamless eCommerce success for you.





Proven Results and Long-Term Partnerships

Our track record speaks volumes. Our projects generate over $300 million in annual revenue for clients, delivering results that significantly boost your bottom line. By choosing CoSpark, you're not just hiring another agency—you’re gaining a dedicated partner committed to your success. Simply put, our clients trust us, with many partnerships lasting for years, reflecting our commitment to long-term success.




We proudly work with prominent brands while also valuing partnerships with emerging brands. At CoSpark, our dedication to excellence remains unwavering, regardless of your brand's size or status. We are committed to providing unparalleled service and delivering exceptional outcomes.





A New Wave of Agency Innovation

Traditional agencies often operate with a "hand-it-off" mentality—completing work with minimal engagement. At CoSpark, we revolutionize the agency model through transparency, collaboration, and agility. As a globally recognized agency, we prioritize open communication, leading to an evolved, client-centric approach.


Transform Your WooCommerce Vision into Reality

Your vision deserves the best execution. With over 15 years of experience, we excel in tackling complex projects, ensuring your WooCommerce presence stands out. Our exceptional client retention and rave reviews affirm our capability to meet and exceed expectations.


End-to-End Support: Empowering You from Launch to Long-Term Success

From one-time projects to ongoing maintenance, we thrive on turning complexity into triumph. Our commitment to excellence fosters long-term client relationships, spanning years. We consistently navigate challenges to deliver outstanding results, earning the trust and loyalty of our clients. At CoSpark, we take pride in exceeding expectations and building lasting partnerships.


WooCommerce Solutions:

✅ Enterprise Level Support

✅ Full-stack WooCommerce Development

✅ Ongoing WooCommerce Maintenance

✅ Custom theme development

✅ WooCommerce Subscriptions customization

✅ Custom plugin development

✅ AI Solutions

✅ Extending existing plugins

✅ Integrations & API Development

✅ Troubleshooting and fixing issues

✅ Migrations

✅ UI/UX Audits

✅ Security / Malware Removal

✅ Performance / Speed Optimization

✅ WooCommerce Optimized Hosting Solutions






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Services Offered

Maintenance and Support

► Ditch the maintenance headaches. We offer WooCommerce maintenance plans to keep your website up to date and running smoothly, at ALL times. We call it WP Autopilot—we set it, you forget it, and your site keeps on ticking like a precisely-tuned watch. Learn more ➞

WooCommerce Plugin Development

► What’s the ideal mix for your plugins? We’ll help you figure that out. We’ll build you a custom, bespoke WooCommerce plugin that fits your exact needs, or tell us which plugins you need to play nice with your existing structure. Our collaborative approach will result in a plugin setup your competitors can’t replicate.

WooCommerce Migrations

► Transitioning to WooCommerce from somewhere else? We don’t use a migration tool that will give you more headaches, but a direct, hands-on approach to making sure every piece of data you need is still intact.

Shipping Customization

► Good shipping is the currency of the digital age. And there isn’t good shipping without customizing your options—and enabling plenty of customer options. We’ll help you optimize your shipping process so you can function like a global company via your WooCommerce store.

Third-Party API Integrations

► Integrations can be your best friends—but only if they play nice with the rest of your WooCommerce setup. We’ll be your intermediaries, ensuring that third-party integrations add functionality and engagement to your store.

Unique Product Filtering and Search

► Ever visit a website without a clunky search feature? You probably didn’t stay for long. It’s the same for your WooCommerce store. We’ll help you build a search engine that connects customers and products in a flash, implementing the perfect solution to suit your product types and user expectations.

ERP Integrations

► ERP packages. WooCommerce websites. Bi-directional order entry. It all gets to be complicated. But forget complication—we’ll handle automation, making your accounting packages like Safe or Microsoft Dynamics integrate seamlessly with your online store.

Product Builder Development

► When your customers build their own products, they’re invested in the process—and more likely to buy. Our WooCommerce experts will drop in, create a custom plugin, and offer customized product-building tools that your customers will love.

Custom WordPress / WooCommerce Themes

► Have a design ready to go? We’ll develop it into a scalable custom theme built for performance. Our custom themes aim for the execution of all the wildest ideas we can think of together. The result: a responsive, engaging site like no other in your industry.


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We needed a web development partner who could help us maintain our website and develop new features and applications on an on-going basis. Our challenges range from improving the shopping and product filtering process in our online shop, to developing a new application to allow teachers to assess their students digitally, and everything in between.

I did extensive research online to find the best WooCommerce/WordPress development shops. I eventually selected CoSpark because of their responsiveness, experience, references, and genuine interest in our project. Carl is a great listener, very sharp, and most importantly, he does the work to understand the need and come up with a creative solution.

CoSpark took over our web development efforts. They updated all of our plug-ins and did some repairs that we couldn’t do. They leveraged and expanded on our existing plug-ins technologies rather than building something from the ground up, which would’ve taken longer. They also ended up taking care of web hosting. We initially used a different provider, but we weren’t getting much uptime with them.

It now has a teacher dashboard and functionality that will allow people from all over the world to take our classes. Our previous booking system was only for in-person lessons, which was a very different model. This new system allows us to collect registration information and payments for our online classes.

They’re currently redoing our site entirely, starting with a frontend redesign. Our main goal is to figure out how to make the website look cool, like how we make our locations look interesting to get customers.

We now have them on a monthly retainer and assign the deliverables we need. Aside from the main project scope, we also bring them into our meetings with one of our larger partners. We plan on giving them a whole lot more work in the future.

We were having a lot of crashes on our site. We talked to various web development companies, and almost everyone advised us to migrate to a different platform, which wasn’t really an option for us. We have a lot of digital products on our platform, and it would be a lot of work for us to transfer all of our content to another platform.

Fortunately, CoSpark was able to help answer a ton of questions that no other company was able to. They have redesigned our site and resolved all of its existing issues. Not only did they get our site up and running again, but they’ve also implemented various improvements in terms of the site’s performance.

They still provide ongoing support for the site with their WooCommerce Maintenance Service.

CoSpark has been helping us develop the Discovery Cube Connect website, which is built using WordPress. We upload our resources through the backend. The team then customizes our original content to be a fun and interactive gamified experience instead of just being in a standard format.

The project is divided into three phases. The first phase was focused on getting the database up and running, while the second phase introduced a new way of organizing and displaying material in a gamified format. We usually give them a brief of what we’re looking for and discuss the best way to implement them. Afterward, we make designs for them to execute.

We’re now on the third phase. The team has been optimizing and improving on the previous two stages to make the platform more user-friendly. They’re also expanding the account section so that our users can have profiles that detail their information, their progress, and the lessons they’ve explored and finished. Our users can also now give reviews and ratings.

CoSpark is a one-stop shop for all our needs — they’ve given us qualified leads and a marketable website that represents our brand well. Most of our clients belong to an older age group, so they appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of our website’s features and functionalities.

Our team has thought of making our existing website more user-friendly and customizable to expand our market reach, so we’ve engaged CoSpark to make these site modifications for us. We’ve relayed our requirements and design preferences to their team, and they’ve suggested the best tech stack we can use to address those needs.

CoSpark has then implemented the backend solutions via WooCommerce and some user-specific changes on our UI/UX to help make the website more accessible to our customers. They’ve also added customizable features to streamline the food ordering process.

CoSpark has always understood our main priority from the start: our customers. They’ve built straightforward yet user-friendly solutions that have made everything easier for our customers, and they’re always quick to suggest insightful ideas to improve the quality of our website.

I’m not an expert in web development or technology in general, and I appreciate CoSpark's sincere attempts to make everything more digestible for us. Overall, we've had a very easy and productive engagement — I can’t thank their team enough for that.

I’m happy with CoSpark's work. They were able to manage all our concerns, even though we often throw them a lot of random and unfamiliar tasks. In addition, they were very patient and receptive with Paytronix’s team, which was difficult to work with and only sent long how-to guides. I just set them up on an email together, and CoSpark communicated with them.

The integration hasn’t encountered any failures, and it is built well. CoSpark has even added little tweaks that are out of scope but made a world of difference in improving the app.

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