Dublin, Ireland is a digital agency, specializing in WooCommerce plugin development, complex API integrations and full eCommerce website builds. Contact us:

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About is a digital agency focused on WooCommerce development. Our WooExperts have 10+ years of eCommerce development experience, including WooCommerce Plugin Development and complex WooCommerce Plugin Customizations. In addition to WooCommerce development, all of the sites we build are search engine optimized (i.e. SEO-ready), so you can easily be found on Google. That’s not all, we also build all of our eCommerce shops with user experience best practices to ensure your shop is achieving the best possible conversion rate.

Our mission is to ensure that you are satisfied with the completed WooCommerce shop. We accomplish this by engaging our clients throughout the project and communicating the status of each milestone on a frequent basis. We build all of our shops with scalability in mind, this ensures that as your business grows, your shop can grow with it.

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Services Offered

WooCommerce Plugin Development

Businesses come to us when they need a customized plugin that integrates with WooCommerce and WordPress, or want to offer customers a complementary plugin that extends their services and is hosted in the official WordPress repository. The plugin we build for you can include a multitude of features. Our developers are well-versed in building complex functionality from the ground up and have a great deal of experience in building integrations with third-party applications — ranging from payment gateways and shipping solutions to data extraction and marketing. We build all our plugins with extensibility and scalability in mind.

Full WooCommerce Website Builds

Are you planning to launch a new eCommerce website? Or do you need a redesign and/or redevelopment of your existing WooCommerce site? We can help you achieve your eCommerce vision for your online shop, subscription service, bookings site or marketplace, with a full website build. We will work with you through the branding, design and development of your website project. Our developers will take care of the technical setup and any complex customizations you need to bring your eCommerce website to life. With a new eCommerce site you can manage and sell your product or service 24/7 – not just during business hours.

WooCommerce Customizations

From simple code tweaks to complex customizations and everything in between, we will modify your site to extend WooCommerce your way. Our team of WooExperts know exactly what it takes to customize every aspect of WooCommerce including templates, plugins, APIs and integrations — and can even develop a new feature you dream up from scratch.

Typically, WooCommerce plugins will achieve 80% of the functionality you need for your website. We help you with that extra 20% so that your site can operate at 100%. Our developers always work with WooCommerce extensibility and best practices in mind to ensure that any core, theme or plugin updates applied to your site don’t impact any customizations we make to your site.


We’ve been working with 2 Progressus engineers for almost one year. They have been instrumental in the maintenance ad development of some of our WooCommerce extensions and services. At the beginning of our relationship, my team reviewed their Pull Requests, and we kept close communication to stay aligned on possible solutions. However, they quickly demonstrated their knowledge with WordPress and WooCommerce. They made an effort to understand the problem (without jumping to a quick fix); we liked how they explained themselves and gave all the information we needed to understand their circumstances and test their solutions - which were well documented and followed coding standards.

By showing that they had the knowledge and skills to pay the bills, they quickly gained independence. They are now fully autonomous on the development process, efficiently solving the emerging issues and adding features when needed. Our team is delighted with their work; they really helped us with our queue of things to do. You won’t be disappointed.

With's help and great experience within the WordPress, WooCommerce universe, we successfully launched our first ever cross-business unit DHL for WooCommerce plugin. With their help and great customer/user-centric mindset, we are now able to offer an easy, convenient, fast and truly global option for WooCommerce users, enabling store owners to offer our Services from DHL eCommerce, DHL Paket, and DHL Parcel Europe. did a great job!

The team at Progressus are fantastic partners for us allowing us to meet the needs of a varied base of clients. did an impeccable job. I have nothing negative to say. The team was very good at communicating and was never shy to point out things that could be done in a better way.

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