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We are a team of designers, engineers and product makers with a focus on custom crafted eCommerce projects (since 2008.)

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Show us your online idea and we'll make sure people will use it and love it! Whether it’s a mobile eCommerce experience, multi-vendor marketplace or a new virtual products platform, you’ll get award winning design, modern technology and 24/7 support all along our journey.

Neuralab chaperones clients throughout the entire process of designing and programming their eCommerce solutions. We strive to create a unique User eXperience (UX) and we completely engineer the solution to suit your Customer eXperience (CX) needs.

Our team even takes care of all consulting, project management, server hosting and maintenance aspects of eCommerce business. In addition, all of our projects include ISO 27001 security certification and audit.

In order to grant our clients full ownership of their project and all of its private data, we only use Open Source technologies such as WordPress and WooCommerce. In addition, we’re WordPress VIP official partner, Mailchimp / Google certified and a Platinum WooCommerce experts since the early days of WordPress.

Our process has been proven with over 100 clients and more than 150 projects.This was also recognized by Clutch, so in 2021. we got awarded with the title of the best WooCommerce agency in the world.

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A gentle introduction

Neuralab is organized into three tightly integrated teams: design > development > content.

Our core focus is building complex eCommerce and web projects on top of opensource frameworks. And in that way, we can architect any imaginable web application that suits your organization's needs.

Design (CX / UX / UI)

We build custom web applications with full involvement from our clients, starting with the initial consultation all the way to delivery. Our design process starts with a series of workshops, UX sessions and wire-framings. What follows is the customization of User eXperiences according to your products, services, and target audience. The outcome is an intuitive user interface that captures attention and increases your sales.


Our engineering team writes complex, but lightweight code to create meaningful and responsive applications which reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency. Neuralab workflow incorporates all the latest functionalities and features in order to create an easy-to-manage web or eCommerce experience that reflects your product.


Form follows function so it is vital to take your content efforts seriously. Specialized in copy-writing and excelling in video production, we create content that drives traffic. Most importantly, we explain your service or product to a wide audience in a simple and understandable way.


"I only have good things to say about their work. The team’s respect for all deadlines, helpful suggestions, and personal investment contributed to the engagement’s success." ... Neuralab built an entertainment web platform from scratch, creating mobile-purchase and Facebook connections as well as multimedia content for local users and providing strategic Google-search placement... Complete testimonial available here >

"Neuralab was able to execute the project on a tight schedule, and there were no delays on their side. Their quick working style enabled them to complete tasks ahead of time." ... Neuralab designed and then custom-developed a WooCommerce website that features niche perfume. The marketplace has allowed internal stakeholders to successfully position themselves in the market... Complete testimonial available here >

"They were agile. They were open to questions and improved their project management process over the course of the engagement." ... Neuralab worked from existing sketches to design and develop a WordPress website. They also handled the deployment and suggested a hosting partner. The team's professionalism and ability to deliver also set them apart... Complete testimonial available here >

"Neuralab was a good coach in terms of what to expect, what to do, and how to deliver information to them." ... Neuralab migrated a legacy CMS to a WordPress platform, defining the site's structure and UX along the way. The site featured single sign-on and mobile accessibility. It is highly accessible, requires fewer resources to manage, and works well on mobile devices... Complete testimonial available here >

“Neuralab has worked for a number of respectable companies and this is reflected in their output. The site has become quite popular with a few thousand visits every month.” ... Neuralab built a national portal for energy efficiency with the challenge of providing information to a widely varied audience. The site was built to provide flexibility for autonomous changes in the future. The team demonstrated maturity and professionalism combined with clear and consistent communication... Complete testimonial available here >

"I’ve had a great experience with Neuralab — they’ve helped me in multiple ways. They’re willing to put in the extra effort and help keep up with the newest technologies." ... Neuralab has developed several customized CMSs for managing channel offerings online. They provide hosting as well and continue to work on product updates. Neuralab’s work has helped improve digital presence over the years, bringing Facebook likes from 9,000 to over 80,000... Complete testimonial available here >

"When a problem comes, they don’t call and tell us we have a problem. They call us with a solution." ... Neuralab built a website on a CMS and a mobile app for a flood protection systems company. They offered multiple designs and iterations for each. They also created a video, and a web app is underway. Their experience and professionalism stand out... Complete testimonial available here >

“Neuralab’s team is very good at what they do, and they’ve given us the best possible solutions.” ... Neuralab developed an integrated e-commerce platform that promoted two cosmetic brands. The team also helped with Google Ad Words and video production. They continue to optimize the web shop. The new platform has dramatically improved the e-commerce segment of the business, which is not surprising given Neuralab’s expertise... Complete testimonial available here >

“I’m so happy with them. I’d do everything the same. The team regularly went above and beyond to ensure a successful partnership.” ... Neuralab conducted the programming and development needed to integrate payment apps. Recently launching a plug-in, they continue to support projects and plan to complete more versions. Neuralab offered valuable advice, resulting in a top-notch product... Complete testimonial available here >

"They were accessible. When I needed to speed things up, I could reach them any time of the day and they would respond." ... Neuralab helped develop 2 web apps designed to incorporate gamification into political education for youth. They also assisted in other engagement strategies, like video production and live streaming... Complete testimonial available here >

"Neuralab was always capable of transforming a simple business collaboration into a relationship." ... Neuralab partnered with a communications and marketing agency on various projects to improve service to customers. The team worked on both web design and development initiatives. They provided accurate budget and schedule estimations and are experts in their field, making them ideal long-term partners... Complete testimonial available here >

“Neuralab’s team is creative and ready for challenges—they are constantly learning, developing, and growing.” ... Neuralab built an e-learning platform that focuses on business skills training. The team also helped with branding and website development. They still assist with customer support and system maintenance. The team is also patient, flexible, and open to feedback... Complete testimonial available here >

“From the beginning, Neuralab understood what we needed. Their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking were noteworthy” ... Neuralab designed and developed a WordPress portal for an audiovisual institution that promotes Croatia as a filming destination. The site showcases past projects as well as the benefits of production filming in Croatia. Timely and communicative, Neuralab helped the client understand and learn the process of creating the website... Complete testimonial available here >

“They went the extra mile and were enthusiastic. The team excelled in good collaboration, bringing good feedback from fans.” ... Hired to create a Facebook app, Neuralab also coordinated an event to take pictures of fans. Fans had the ability to change the background, add quotes to the photos, and publish the photos. Despite being a last minute project, the team delivered within the deadline... Complete testimonial available here >

"I was so impressed with their dedication. The team’s proactive workflow, attention to detail, and consistent turnaround time continue to drive results." ... Neuralab redesigned a national bank platform, simplifying the UX/UI and presenting a more client-oriented face for conveying programs and product offerings. They now provide maintenance and feature upgrades. Thanks to Neuralab’s customized development, the new website has improved page views by as much as 30%... Complete testimonial available here >

“When they say that something will be delivered by a certain date, they do it.” ... Neuralab designed and built an e-commerce platform which was integrated with existing ERP and CRM systems. Neuralab also hosts the website. The team is now working on a similar solution for subsidiaries. Neuralab is committed to delivering results on time, and there has never been an issue with missed deadlines... Complete testimonial available here >

“It was very easy to follow the project. We used Trello for communication and to correct mistakes in the program.” ... Neuralab developed an internal website with a comprehensive database for a healthcare nonprofit. The platform records diagnoses, doctors, information about treatment, users’ social rights, and occupations. The product is user-friendly and intuitive... Complete testimonial available here >

"Everything was moving forward very smoothly, and they met all expectations." ... Neuralab provided web development services for the client of a digital marketing agency. The team built a thoroughly designed microsite with different landing pages. Neuralab was communicative throughout the entire process, ensuring the project was delivered on time and everyone was constantly on the same page... Complete testimonial available here >

"They’re an incredible service provider." ... Neuralab created an e-commerce website to expand the brand into international beauty markets, providing wireframing and customized WordPress development. They now support optimizations and iterations. Neuralab consistently provided quick execution in all technical needs, developed a streamlined and user-friendly web platform, and effectively guided the client in providing the best online experience for their customers... Complete testimonial available here >

“Working with Neuralab was easy. Customers can expect a responsive and professional partner that will deliver on their ideas.” ... Neuralab revamped a cosmetics distributor’s e-commerce website. They collaborated with the client’s team on the design stage using Figma, and then they worked independently on programming the site... Complete testimonial available here >

"Everything they’ve done has been positive. I have no complaints. Neuralab is a versatile team skilled in both design and strategy, on top of development." ... Neuralab augments teams in web development and design. They work on projects involving WordPress, e-commerce, CRM and plugin integration, and they also provide widespread technical consultation and maintenance... Complete testimonial available here >

"We can trust Neuralab.... They do care, and they do know the subject matter." ... Neuralab augmented an editorial-based magazine to help execute video projects. They handled venue preparation, production, post-production, and implementing the video content effectively on WordPress. They’re a trustworthy, experienced, and fun team that makes collaboration easy, because they can handle a project from start to end, offer expertise, and will consistently deliver what’s expected... Complete testimonial available here >

"They were a friendly team. Neuralab responsiveness and design expertise were noteworthy"... Neuralab developed a communications platform using WordPress that allows the business to input tasks for its external collaborators. The product also has extensive and custom administrative capabilities... Complete testimonial available here >

"Neuralab can customize everything, and they see every project differently. Their creative suggestions, adaptable workflow, and efficient designs continue to boost revenue." ... Neuralab upgraded an e-commerce platform by redesigning the inventory system, preparing downloadable descriptions, expanding information fields, and clarifying product titles. They’re now developing version 2... Complete testimonial available here >

"All deadlines were fulfilled and the management of the whole project was exemplary." ... Neuralab delivered design and development services for a web-based solution. They also introduced ideas to mirror the client's desired presence in their market. Proactivity and the ability to expand upon the client's vision left an exemplary impression and desire for the client to partner with Nueralab in the future... Complete testimonial available here >

"They adapted to fit the ambitious scope, and delivered a high-quality platform. The team was successful in introducing many new features while keeping the platform easy to use for both the company and its clients." ... A heavy plate producer and supplier hired Neuralab to develop an e-commerce platform for the business... Complete testimonial available here >

“I’ve learned about the process from their team, who explained everything to me. They are a dependable team with strong expertise.” ... Neuralab created a logo and design, produced a video, and developed and designed a platform for end consumers to retrieve a producer identity. They’re currently writing content for a blog... Complete testimonial available here >

"Their delivery has been outstanding, and their level of professionalism is one of the highest I’ve seen." ... Neuralab built a mobile-friendly Wordpress site to increase online engagement. The website includes features that allow for simple and straightforward editing. Neuralab spurred 400% growth within a few months. Professional and efficient, the team leverages a structured approach to project management to meet short deadlines... Complete testimonial available here >

“They understood the task very well. The team managed the tasks effectively, ensuring that all elements could be thoroughly checked before progressing, including a mockup of the solution itself.” ... Neuralab provided WooCommerce development services, building a WordPress payment integration solution for a fintech company’s platform... Complete testimonial available here >

"They were always proactive and gave us ideas on what we should do next. They helped simplify internal processes, made communication easy, and were always responsive to questions and requests." ... Neuralab led redevelopment and design of a content management system based on predefined rebranding materials. They created the site on WordPress and also provided training and advice for future development... Complete testimonial available here >

"From the first meeting, one could tell that they’re very specialized, knowledgeable, and hardworking." ... Neuralab provided web development for an e-commerce company, building out a webshop from scratch using WooCommerce. Their team also implemented UX/UI designs and created a new logo to increase brand awareness. Neuralab was knowledgeable, specialized, and hardworking... Complete testimonial available here >

"Neuralab is a really great technical support. The team has created user-friendly websites that have gotten positive feedback." ... Neuralab partners with a digital media startup to design an online beauty shop. The team helped choose WordPress and WooCommerce as a site platform. The team gives great feature implementation options for a good price. Neuralab has been very communicative and supportive throughout development... Complete testimonial available here >

"Neuralab has always been dedicated to making things better for customers and end users." ... Neuralab handled web development and design for a culture-related website in Croatia, involving everyone from the CEO to the designers and coders as well. They also provide ongoing tech support. Highlights include prompt communication, willingness to help whether day or night, and a dedicated and responsive team... Complete testimonial available here >


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