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Bright Vessel helps start-ups to fortune 100 companies and have the technical expertise to push through any issues. We help build, manage, promote, and educate our clients to be successful online.


✓ Managed Services

✓ Custom APIs

✓ Plugin Development

✓ Systems Integration

✓ UX/UI Design

✓ Advanced Analytics

✓ Enterprise Web Development

✓ Mobile APP Development

✓ Security

Whether you’re setting up a new site, need a plugin developed, or need store management, we have you covered.


We are a progressive company already ahead of the times working remotely. We provide full transparency and work side by side with clients to achieve their vision even with the most challenging projects. We understand the complexities of large sites and how they need to navigate through heavy traffic. We are intimately involved with the WordPress community and love to contribute our knowledge to improve the platform by creating our own custom plugins and code contributions.


✓ WPVIP Partner

✓ AWS Server Infrastructure

✓ Platform Migration

✓ Custom Plugin Development

✓ Full Web Builds


✓ SEO Optimization

✓ PPC Management

✓ Plugin Development

✓ Plugin Customization

✓ Third party Integrations – ERP, CRM, PIM

✓ 3rd-Party integration customization

✓ Payment Gateways

✓ Performance/Page Speed Optimization

✓ Shipping Customizations

✓ Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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Location: Florida, United States

Services Offered

WooCommerce & WordPress Store Management

WordPress Management Plans:
Don’t let those seemingly insignificant little updates complicate your life. Focus on your brand and business, and let us manage WordPress for you with 24/7 support and customization.

WordPress & WooCommerce AWS Hosting:
You can relax knowing your investment is running optimally on one of the most cost-effective WordPress AWS hosting solutions that will help your conversion by making your website lightning fast at fraction of the cost.

WordPress Security:
Your website will be safe from harm and external threats 24/7, thanks to our monitoring team and security tools.

WordPress Backup:
You can rest well knowing that we have a monitoring team keeping track of your website at all times.

Services Include:
- Enterprise Hosting
- Dedicated Team
- Added Security
- Free Tools
- Postmark App
- Unlimited Updates
- Seo Keyword Tracking and Audit Tool
- Reporting
- Developer License for many major plugins

WooCommerce Website Design

There is more to buying a theme and changing the logo and colors. It’s about creating the right customer journey for your users. We deliver custom world-class WordPress web design that clients love.

WooCommerce website design is best fitted with developers who intimately understand the WooCommerce platform. So if you need a trusted partner to help you develop your e-commerce platform from its initial concept to sales. Bright Vessel has been tested and certified with a 5-Star Rating on several review websites such as Google, Clutch, and Facebook.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

Bright Vessel has developed many free and paid plugins under the label Bright Plugins. We have a team dedicated to building any plugin our clients can think up. That's always the goal of Bright Vessel, to go upward, and we help our clients get there.

Plugin Development and Customization:
Customizing a plugin can be tricky and, if not done the right way and supported correctly, can cause future headaches. We ensure that the same strict vetting process that goes into posting a plugin to go into building out custom plugins or customizing an existing one.

Promotion and Marketing

Social Media Management:
Our social media management service is for businesses looking to create a robust online presence and engage with their customers.

PPC Management:
This service is for businesses that want to see numbers: increases in brand awareness, engagement, and conversion can all be measured through paid advertising.

Editorial Planning and Content Marketing:
Whether yours is a business with a history in brand content or just starting out, we conceived this service as a way to build a marketing plan for a brand’s future.

Marketing Strategy:
Perhaps you’re not fully aware of what direction you want to take your business’ digital marketing or need to tweak it a little bit. Through this modality, you can choose the services that fit you the best.


I’m the founder of Bespoke Southerly, an e-commerce platform that allows customers to custom-design their own cocktail dresses.

I hired them to design an eCommerce website and increase my business's social media presence in advance of my business launch.

They created an initial design for the website and we’re building it in WordPress and using the WooCommerce plugin. They’re handling the e-store configuration, credit card processing, tax settings, and overall site development. Shipping is mostly handled through the factory I work with, but Bright Vessel’s handling some of that configuration as well, and then adding SEO plugins like Yoast and Google Analytics. They’re also going to set up a search function for the site after our product line expands.

One key feature that I need is a visualizer for the custom products that will show the customers exactly how their design looks. None of the pre-made visualizers were sufficient, so Judd Dunagan [Founder, Bright Vessel], is coding a custom plugin for us.

Once the site is up and running, they’ll handle updates, site maintenance, and bug fixes. I may also have them build new pages or upload content as the business grows, but I hope to get in-house staff to handle that eventually.

I received their first proposal in April 2017, and our relationship is ongoing. The site is still in development because I ran into a delay with the product samples and couldn't get the visual content ready for upload. They’ve been very understanding and professional and demonstrated great flexibility now that I'm in a position to move forward again.

I was impressed by the depth of their technical knowledge. Another thing that's unique, and valuable, is that there's no billing office to run through — the prices are adjusted by the people doing the work. I think that's why Bright Vessel's been so cost-effective.

Sheri T.

Over the course of the 8 years, we worked with Bright Vessel to build and market over 45 schools throughout the country.

Bright Vessel provided e-commerce, app development, video production, SEO, and paid advertising services. There has not been one challenge they were hesitant to take on. They are a true extension of our team and helped us save a considerable amount of cost by being a technology partner.

Paul D.


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