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We are a group of US WooCommerce Experts who help growing ecommerce brands eliminate technical debt and improve user experience.

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We do things differently. What got you this far may not get you to where you want to go. Most of our customers come to us because they have outgrown their current provider. As your business grows so does your need for great technical support and leadership. Whether you’re just looking for some guidance or have been burned before, our team wants to help make sure that your decision is worth it and we’ll work hard on getting results!

Getting Started

So what are you waiting for? We know that your time is valuable, we'll get to work right away on finding a solution for you. You can choose to work with one of the best teams in the virtual universe and you only pay for the work we do.


We'll work together to determine what comes next. The Built Mighty Manifesto is more than just some business jargon—this refers directly back to who you want your company and lifestyle choices to be, so that's how we operate. With our expert advice we map out a plan for success together on how best to get you to your ultimate destination.

We Say No

We're honest and straightforward. We don't waste your time or ours on projects that won’t make a positive difference for your business, even if that means saying no sometimes.

Client Satisfaction

We view every project as an opportunity for growth. Our priority is always putting forth 100% effort because there's nothing more important than our clients' satisfaction.


We understand you have a budget. It doesn’t matter if it’s large or small, we look for ways to get you the most value without compromising quality.


Transparency is at the heart of our business. We believe that you should own your product from day one and all code belongs to you, so there are never any locks-in for customers! If your roadmap takes you in a different direction, that’s ok, we’re happy to be part of the journey.


The world is a changing place. Our goal at Built Mighty isn't just about being adaptable, it also means challenging the status quo with new ideas & perspectives.

We take pride knowing our clients rely on us for innovative solutions.There will never be one size fits all when trying different strategies or tactics but we’re always willing to learn new ways of doing things.

Services Offered

Custom ERP Integrations

We meet a new ERP every week. Connecting WooCommerce stores to your ERP. Keeping inventory, sales, customers, and products in sync across your systems.

Wholesale and B2B Customizations

Selling wholesale or to other businesses requires a greater level of customization. We can help you build private customer specific catalogs, customer based pricing, multi user accounts, and help in managing customer payment terms.

Ongoing Support and Feature Development

As a business grows, the need for new features and on call support becomes more frequent. We offer scalable hourly programs to keep your technical debt down and your budget under control.

Migrations from Magento

Before WooCommerce became the powerhouse that it is today, we were a Magento Partner, developing hundreds of stores. Today we are 100% focused on Woo because of its capabilities and the ease of customization. If you are ready to switch from Magento to WooCommerce, we have the experience to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Migrations from Shopify

If the sophistication of your business has outgrown the box that Shopify locks you into, we can help migrate your store to WooCommerce.

User Experience(UX) and Page Speed Improvements

Sales suffer if your store is slow or challenging for users to navigate. We can help improve the UX/UI of your store while making it blazing fast.

Theme Redesign and Development

Ready for a refresh? We can help make you store shine.

Custom Plugin Development

If it doesn't exist we can build a custom plugin to ensure that your store functions exactly the way you want.

Rescue Projects

They sold you a great site, but haven't been able to complete it. Sometimes people over promise and under deliver. If you have lost faith in your developer, let us see what we can salvage and get you to where you want to go.


“A full-service agency without the drama”

We don't have to go through a ridiculous process of scope of work and sign-off and presentations. We can just roll up our sleeves and get to work. I cannot convey how rare that is. And they've really, really, really proven that they can deliver.

“Willing to meet our tempo
and keep step with us”

Finding someone who’s willing to meet our tempo and keep step with us is a big challenge. Built Mighty is gracious and flexible, taking something as formulaic as web development and customizing it to our sometimes quirky needs.

“Very impressed with the
amount of talent on staff”

The Built Mighty team was able to dive right in and hit our aggressive timelines. They're a great partner, and I'm sure anyone will get a killer solution on time and on budget. We couldn't have 10Xed our revenue without them.

“Whenever we need Built Mighty, they’re right there”

We think of Built Mighty as an extension of our team. I know they're going to get it done. And I know they're doing the proactive, preventative thinking that will help us get ahead of potential problems. We couldn't grow the way we are now without their consistency.

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